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For Her Musc Noir, the mysterious portrait of a woman according to Narciso Rodriguez

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For Her Musc Noir, the mysterious portrait of a woman according to Narciso Rodriguez
For Her Musc Noir, the mysterious portrait of a woman according to Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez is an American couturier of Cuban origin who draws his influences from different cultures, between Europe and America. Her experiences have long shaped her unique style, both in her clothes and in her fragrances. In 2021, Narciso Rodriguez repeats the experience and gives us his new vision of femininity, darker and more mysterious. He thus gave birth to For Her Musc Noir. Like its predecessors, it “expresses all that woman is: strength, vulnerability, beauty, sensuality and finally depth”. It follows on from the previous For Her Pure Musc of 2019. Decryption of its new recipe.

The return of Narciso Rodriguez’s iconic sleek bottle

For Her Musc Noir comes in a rectangular, sober and elegant cardboard box. It revolves around two main colors: charcoal gray and pale pink. On the one hand, it is a question of softness, femininity and poetry. On the other hand, the woman who wears this perfume turns out to be darker and more intriguing. Inside this container hides the iconic bottle of Narciso Rodriguez. Designed like a glass cube, it has a double wall revealing a soft pink heart. At its top, on the other hand, it is an opaque black cap that occupies its visual. Emblematic of the entire Narciso Rodriguez collection, this bottle is fully in line with the designer’s style. It has a classicism stripped of all superfluous, which gives it a timeless modernity.

For Her Musc Noir, a dark and floral musk

On the scent side, like all the perfumes in the For Her collection, For Her Musc Noir is based on Narciso Rodriguez’s favorite raw material: musk. Blacker than ever, this one is accompanied by a heart of heliotrope, a flower evolving according to the position of the sun, releasing a sweet, almost almond odor, close to that of vanilla. Completely intoxicating, For Her Musc Noir begins with a more gourmet and fruity first note of plum. Its background, on the other hand, is more animal. Velvety and sensual at will, it combines a suede accord with suede leather. Undoubtedly, the one who wears this perfume is a seductress.

For Her Musc Noir, a tribute to the inner beauty of women

For Her Musc Noir gives us the new portrait of a woman according to Narciso Rodriguez. This time, femininity is more sensual and mysterious. As the designer so aptly puts it, it is a “tribute to the inner beauty of each woman”. Here, Narciso Rodriguez’s olfactory collection reinvents itself and plays on more intense and darker aspects. This is an ode to the mysterious nature of femininity. The one who wears this fragrance is endowed with a modern, enigmatic and disarming femininity. Its scent, meanwhile, is even deeper and intoxicating.

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