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Calvin Klein takes us on vacation with the new Ck One Summer 2020

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Calvin Klein takes us on vacation with the new Ck One Summer 2020
Calvin Klein takes us on vacation with the new Ck One Summer 2020

Ck One Summer 2020, the smell of a summer day by Calvin Klein

In 1994, the Calvin Klein house made an androgynous perfume, intended for both men and women, and advocating diversity and sharing. Immediately, the CK One gasoline was a great success, especially with the younger generation. Since that day, the brand has also gotten into the habit of reinventing this fragrance every summer. As always, the CK One summer essence of 2020 is already eagerly awaited … Calvin Klein has just presented it to us! This time, it is the olfactory evocation of a long day spent at the beach …

Ck One Summer 2020, a taste of the holidays

Do you dream of escaping for a while to the other side of the world to enjoy a white sand beach, a nap in the shade of a coconut tree and the sun warming your skin? This is precisely what the Calvin Klein house offers you in its Ck One Summer 2020 perfume. Always unisex, as in its beginnings, this juice alone reflects all the exaltation of the summer season. It evokes the feeling of well-being that floods the body after a whole day spent at the beach. With it, solar heat mingles with the freshness of an ocean breeze. Its top notes are made up of tangy ingredients, such as tangerine or ginger, which are slightly more soapy and peppery. Then, sea salt recalls ocean spray in its heart, while also becoming more aromatic, in contact with sage. Finally,

What if you personalize your Calvin Klein bottle?

To allow you to make a bottle in your image, Calvin Klein has decided to invite you to personalize it. Moreover, the previous summer 2019 version of CK One had already been developed like this… On the other hand, his style was more “pop art”. This time, Ck One Summer 2020 is focusing on a more lively and energizing visual effect. Three main shades combine on this bottle: turquoise blue, navy blue and yellow. Thus, all the evocative elements of the beach are united. Navy blue is reminiscent of the summer sky. The turquoise blue echoes a paradisiacal lagoon. Yellow, meanwhile, is a pledge of solar energy and invigorating. To this, Calvin Klein also adds a small palette of stickers to personalize your bottle.
The rest of the bottle is quite similar to the first version of CK One. The latter always has a screw cap, almost identical to that of a water bottle. Fairly refined, this bottle is simply timeless. From now on, it comes to life and transforms itself according to your desires, to become a summer bottle that looks like you!

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